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New Photographs, 2021-2022

Specific to the most recent era of photographic history, ‘New Photographs’ explores the role of photography in the smartphone age. Taken from my camera roll, these images were once made almost unconsciously and to ultimately be deleted. They are ephemeral records and visual aids. A collar measurement. A photograph for my GP. A number plate. A clock mechanism in order to remember how exactly it goes back together. All of these photographs act as a conduit; they are a means to an end.

Parallels could be drawn between these photographs and the Freudian psychoanalytic session; it is often the slips and seemingly irrelevant moments that are the most significant and revealing. Perhaps it is possible to construct a portrait of someone from these type of images. There is a juxtaposition within these photographs. They are purely functional and utilitarian, although arguably more personal and intimate than a typically mediated and considered photograph.